A different idea about being fit in the New Year

Fri, 01/09/2015 - 9:58am -- kwilhelm

So I have this new Fitbit that I inherited from my oldest son who got it as a Christmas gift but didn’t really want it.  I’m your classic beginning of the New Year let’s get in better shape American.  So far so good for the first two weeks!

The Fitbit claims to do a lot of things – measure sleep time and quality, calories consumed and burned, water intake, etc.  But mostly it is useful for tracking the number of steps you take in a day with 10,000 or more being the goal.  It even gives you progress updates throughout the day and vibrates wildly when you achieve your goal!

It leads me to thinking about steps in a different and more meaningful way.  What steps am I taking to improve my life and the lives of others?  Am I taking any steps that will strengthen my community?  How can I do these things? 

Yes I should be more active, but that’s pretty easy.  As busy as we are we can always schedule time for physical activity.  Yes I should spend the majority of my non-work time with family.  It’s not just about time though.  When I am with my family I can be a better, more attentive listener.  I can just hang out together more with them.  I can be more proactive in their school lives.  I can send quick text messages of encouragement. 

What about the time I have beyond work and family?  You guessed it.  Volunteering needs to be a part of that.  The opportunities are endless with sports, scouts, church, government, animal shelters, and environmental groups.  I can pick up extra food and donate it monthly.  Easy stuff.

But let me suggest this.  Perhaps the most important thing we can do to improve lives and strengthen communities is simply to be kinder.  It takes no extra time to be kind to one another.   The busiest person can extend kindness every day.

Imagine if we truly saw each person we met through kind eyes.  Imagine if we approached every interaction positively and optimistically.  Look for the best in people.  And when that seems impossible, be kind anyway. 

So someone please invent something to go around my wrist that measures my kindness towards others.  And beeps and celebrates and reminds me at all times to be kind.  We can’t even measure that sort of change.  But we would clearly experience a different world.  I would notice.  You would too.  Being kind to one another.  Yep, I'd say that fits who I desire to be. 

Have a wonderful day!!