Board of Directors


Patricia Charles, President
Scott Carlson, First Vice President
Allison Dowe, Treasurer
Kevin Wilhelm, Secretary

Presidential Appointments

Campaign Chair: Kevin Reich
Community Impact Chair: Scott Carlson
Investment Committee Chair: Robert Rose, Jr.
Human Resources Chair: Kimberly Hogan
Women’s Initiative Chair: Lori Lodge
Young Leaders Society Chair: Eric Kane

At-Large Members of the Executive Committee

William Holder
Meg Slater
Clifford O. Straub

Term Ending 2017

Floresia Allen
Jean D’Aquila
Toral Maher
Lindsay Parke
Janet Porriello
William E. Wrang, III

Term Ending 2018

Barry Abramowitz
Coleen Duffy
Judith Felton
Cathy Lechowicz
Chu Ngo
Jeffry Pierce

Term Ending 2019

Jim Crawford
Derrick Gibbs
Faith Jackson
Quentin Phipps
Kristen Roberts
Jessica Schiff

Honorary Directors

Harry Eben Burr
David Reynolds
Rosario A. Rizzo, Jr.
Jean Adams Shaw