Local Impact:

  • 2,148 people received mental health and substance abuse services last year through Middlesex United Way-funded programs
  • 97% of babies in Middlesex Hospital’s Perinatal Program who were at risk for low birth weights were born at a healthy weight
  • 13 towns in Middlesex County partner with Middlesex United Way on the Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth Initiative to reduce risky behaviors among youth
  • 3,835 Middlesex County youth were involved in scouting last year, more than 100 receiving financial aid

Our Vision:

Middlesex United Way envisions a community where individuals and families are healthy and safe, and youth and adults avoid risky behaviors.

  • Individuals and families access services and resources for their behavioral, physical, and oral health needs
  • Individuals and families who access services successfully manage their daily living activities
  • Youth and adults refrain from substance abuse and other risky and unhealthy behaviors
  • Youth and adults develop skills needed to lead a positive and productive life

Local Investment:

Middlesex United Way focuses on:

  • Positive youth development
  • Support for seniors & people with disabilities
  • Substance abuse prevention & treatment
  • Mental health

Middlesex United Way is partnering with Youth and Family Service organizations in Middlesex County to implement the Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth assets model in their towns. The approach increases young people's participation in their local communities and results in reduced high-risk behaviors, especially the use of drugs and alcohol.

We are also ensuring that heath and wellness services are available, including mental health services, counseling, substance abuse services, sexual assault crisis services, programs that help adults with disabilities thrive, and services to assist seniors so they may continue living at home.

Middlesex United Way is also a partner with FamilyWize, a free discount prescription card that helps residents in all 15 towns of Middlesex County save money on their prescriptions. Learn more and get your discount prescription card.

Our Partners:

To reduce the rate of risky behaviors among youth and adults, we partner with:

To improve the health and increase the safety of individuals and families, we partner with: