What is Middlesex United Way? What does Middlesex United Way do?

Middlesex United Way is a locally-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening lives, helping people, and improving community conditions in the fifteen towns in Middlesex County. United Way partners with local agencies and town organizations to provide these needed services and programs and find solutions to chronic community problems, like substance abuse among youth and the need for affordable, decent housing for low-income families.

Our focus areas and goals reflect the priority concerns of our residents and top human care needs of our county. We also believe that these four areas are the building blocks needed for any person to lead a better life. Our focus areas are:

  • EDUCATION: Students succeed academically
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY: Individuals and families are economically stable
  • HEALTH: Individuals and families are healthy and safe, and youth and adults avoid risky behaviors
  • HOUSING: Individuals and families have safe and affordable housing
  • RACIAL EQUITY & INCLUSION: Individuals and families live in an anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive community

Middlesex United Way is a partner in change, working with a broad range of people and organizations to identify and resolve pressing community issues. Our fundraising efforts are one way that we bring about positive change in individual lives and community conditions because the campaign gives us the ability to fund needed services, programs and town-based initiatives. United Way also works to:

  • Identify community needs and priorities
  • Convene partners and encourage collaboration among nonprofits, business, municipalities, individuals, and others
  • Promote volunteerism county-wide
  • Advocate for issues facing families and our community

How were these focus areas determined?

We have established an agenda for Middlesex County that reflects the values and concerns of our residents and provides direction for our funding priorities. To do this, we looked at local needs assessment results, input from residents during United Way-sponsored "community conversations" held with residents of all 15 towns, and calls to Connecticut's 24-hour crisis and information hotline, United Way 2-1-1. These sources helped us identify issues that consistently rank as top concerns and present ongoing struggles for our residents.

How is United Way tackling community problems?

Middlesex United Way assembled teams of volunteers, including town officials, concerned residents, service providers, community leaders, and experts to focus on chronic community problems that present ongoing challenges for our residents. Their recommendations shape our work and inform our funding priorities.

To tackle these social problems effectively, we have to address the root causes and invest in long-term solutions that can improve community conditions and prevent problems from happening in the first place. That means investing more in prevention-based programs that serve a larger population than those identified as needing assistance.

What is Middlesex United Way's relationship with United Way Worldwide?

United Way Worldwide is the international organization dedicated to leading the United Way movement in making a measurable impact in each community. Middlesex United Way pays dues of less than one penny of every dollar contributed, or less than 1% of money raised. The value of benefits received from United Way Worldwide, such as national government relations, free marketing and advertising support, training, support to national companies running campaigns, is always far more than is paid in dues and helps keep our local costs down.

Dollars donated locally are invested locally, unless otherwise specified by the donor. Middlesex United Way is an independent non-profit organization and all decisions are made by our local board and volunteers.

Where does the money that Middlesex United Way raises go?

Your gift to Middlesex United Way stays in Middlesex County, unless you designate it elsewhere. Middlesex United Way is the largest non-governmental funder of local community programs and services in Middlesex County. United Way dollars are targeted to meet critical community needs in the county not funded by other sources and invest in long-term solutions to top social problems, like the need for affordable housing for working families, substance abuse prevention among youth, and assistance to preschool-aged children with social and emotional problems.

How much money actually goes to community services, programs and town-based projects?

Nearly 81 cents of every dollar donated to Middlesex United Way supports local services and programs that meet basic needs, improve community conditions and help get to the root causes of some of our most pressing problems. A vast network of volunteers involved in all aspects of United Way's operations has kept United Way's overhead at a low 19.26%, which is consistent with the average overhead of United Ways of similar size throughout the country. This figure compares favorably to the suggested Better Business Bureau's recommendation of up to 35%.

Who decides how to spend the dollars raised by Middlesex United Way's fundraising efforts?

All United Way funding decisions are made by volunteers. Each year, all services, programs and town-based projects currently funded by United Way are reviewed by volunteers, who are experienced in analyzing budgets, program efficiency and effectiveness. Organizations seeking funding present written proposals to United Way and its volunteer teams. Funding decisions are based on dollars available, community need and on the ability of the applicant to meet that need.

How is Middlesex United Way different from other United Ways?

The United Way system includes 1,800 community-based United Ways around the world. Each is independent, separately incorporated and governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors. Because of the unique conditions in diverse communities, the issues United Ways address are determined locally. Middlesex United Way is unique in that it is dedicated to addressing the most pressing community needs and issues facing the fifteen towns of Middlesex County (Chester, Clinton, Cromwell, Deep River, Durham, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Killingworth, Middlefield, Middletown, Old Saybrook, Portland, and Westbrook).

How big is the United Way staff and what do they do?

There are 5 full-time and 4 part-time staff at Middlesex United Way. The staff is responsible for the coordination of approximately 800 volunteers who work to fulfill United Way's mission mobilizing the caring power of communities to strengthen lives and help people. Supporting the work of volunteers, United Way staff:

  • Secure the necessary resources to support needed community programs, services and town-based projects that meet residents' basic needs and address pressing community issues.

  • Coordinate United Way's efforts tackling chronic community problems, like the need for affordable housing for working families, assistance to preschool-aged children with social and emotional challenges, and substance abuse prevention for school-aged youth. To accomplish this work, staff coordinate the efforts of a diverse group of partners, including concerned residents, town officials, schools, services providers, and community leaders.

  • Ensure strong financial management and governance at the highest level of accountability and transparency in United Way's operations.

  • Participate in various community collaborations aimed at addressing critical community needs and improving the provision of health and human services.

  • United Way staff also operate a Volunteer Center that matches the interests of individuals with local non-profit agencies in need of volunteer help. The Volunteer Center coordinates United Way's Day of Caring, an annual event that involves hundreds of local employees working at various community service projects throughout the county.

What do United Way volunteers do?

Approximately 800 volunteers, including residents, business and community leaders, human service providers, and educators, are involved in managing all aspects of Middlesex United Way. Volunteers make up the board of directors, lead the annual fundraising effort, review all United Way funding partners, and oversee United Way's work creating real, substantive changes in community conditions in our focus areas. All funding decisions are recommended and approved by volunteers.

How does an agency or organization become a United Way funding partner?

Any registered not-for-profit agency that provides health and human services to the people of Middlesex County and meets identified critical community needs and priorities may apply for United Way funding. Agencies must submit detailed financial statements, a certified audit, as well as information on programs and services to be provided. Volunteers review all applicants and make decisions about funding. For more information about applying, contact United Way staff.

Why should I give to United Way instead of donating directly to an agency?

Your dollars leverage more dollars. Middlesex United Way dollars help local nonprofits leverage additional dollars, including grants and government funds. Last year, Middlesex United Way dollars helped local nonprofits secure an additional $844,301.
No one agency or program can do it alone. There may be many valuable non-profit organizations you care about. Middlesex United Way has the trust, capacity and expertise to convene a variety of partners to efficiently and effectively address the needs of Middlesex County. It takes coordination and an entire network of programs to keep our communities strong.
Together we can create community level change. Middlesex United Way is working with our partners to create large-scale community change that is preventing community problems from happening in the first place. We are working to address not only the symptoms—but also the root causes—of community problems. Some of the examples include preparing children for kindergarten so they succeed in school and in life; reducing substance abuse among youth; and addressing the need for affordable, decent housing for families and reducing the poverty rate amongst single parents in Middletown. Middlesex United Way conducts periodic needs assessments to ensure that your gifts support programs that address our community’s greatest needs. When you give to Middlesex United Way, your dollars benefit specific programs that we know to be efficient and effective, and programs are monitored by volunteers and staff.
It’s easy. Middlesex United Way offers the convenience of payroll deduction through the support of local employers, allowing employees to give a substantial annual gift through affordable weekly contributions.

Will my personal information be protected?

Middlesex United Way respects the privacy of donors and safeguards the confidentiality of information that the donor would reasonably expect to be private. Information learned by any representative of the Middlesex United Way about a donor or a donor’s assets or philanthropic intentions shall be held in strict confidence by the staff, campaign volunteers, committees and the Board of Directors.

Donors who reach special recognition levels may be acknowledged and published in various Middlesex United Way publications and campaign materials. Donors at recognition levels may request to remain anonymous in these publications by indicating their wishes on their pledge card or by contacting Middlesex United Way. Middlesex United Way will honor requests by donors to remain anonymous.

Middlesex United Way does not sell, rent or exchange its mailing lists of donors, prospective donors, interested parties, etc. Middlesex United Way will honor requests by donors to remain anonymous, have their names removed from mailing lists, or to restrict appeals. Information about donors, amounts of their gifts, and other information that should be private will not be made public or shared with others in any manner.

I give to United Way but still get solicitations from its funding partners. Why?

Middlesex United Way support provides only part of the operational expenses of our funding partners. In other words, United Way dollars fund specific programs and initiatives of each funding partner. United Way does not fund the entire agency.

All funding partners agree not to solicit through payroll deductions at the workplace and not to solicit corporate gifts during the United Way campaign. They can fundraise in the community throughout the year to help support programs and operating expenses. If you are already supporting the United Way campaign, you know you are already making a significant contribution to the community and assisting that agency's mission.

Does Middlesex United Way have its financial condition audited?

Yes, each year an independent CPA firm audits the books and provides an audit and management letter to United Way's Board of Directors. Independent auditors also audit funded agencies. Middlesex United Way is also held to the highest level of accountability and transparency in the following ways:

  • Code of Ethics: Middlesex United Way has adopted a code of ethics and is committed to operating at the highest ethical standards, including complying with generally accepted accounting principles, providing full and fair disclosure of all relevant information, and spending donor money efficiently, objectively and honestly. Download our Code of Ethics.

  • Check signing: The board annually authorizes select board members and the president & CEO to sign checks.  All checks over the amount of $2,500 require two signatures. The senior director of finance and administration prepares checks but is not authorized to sign checks.

  • Payroll: United Way contracts with a local payroll service to process paychecks and prepare tax reports.

  • Board of Directors: United Way's Board of Directors meets eight times per year and discusses and approves financial statements at every meeting.

  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee, composed of volunteers with expertise in financial management and governance, review and monitor the day to day fiscal operations of Middlesex United Way, including reviewing the budget and annual audit. These volunteers meet at least four times a year.

  • Investment Committee: The Investment Committee, composed of volunteers with expertise in financial planning and investments, meets at least twice annually to review and monitor all investments of Middlesex United Way.

  • Capital Purchases: It is standard practice to request at least three bids on all significant capital purchases.

  • Conflict of Interest: All board members annually sign a conflict of interest policy requiring them to disclose if they or someone related to them would benefit from any decisions made by the United Way Board of Directors.

  • Overhead: Nearly 81 cents of every dollar donated to Middlesex United Way supports local services and programs that meet basic needs, improve community conditions and help get to the root causes of some of our most pressing problems. A vast network of volunteers involved in all aspects of United Way's operations has kept United Way's overhead at a low 19.26%, which is consistent with the average overhead of United Ways of similar size throughout the country. This figure compares favorably to the suggested Better Business Bureau's recommendation of up to 35%.