Born Learning

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Discover Born Learning, a public engagement campaign that helps parents, grandparents, and caregivers turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities. Children are constantly learning, right from birth. Their early years are the foundation for growth and development, and what they learn during those years depends on the experiences they have each and every day. This is our greatest challenge as caregivers, as well as our greatest opportunity.

How can parents, grandparents and caregivers support learning?  Since children learn in a variety of ways and styles, to achieve developmental milestones the relationship with parents and primary caregivers is essential. It's a connection that allows for optimum learning. Along with the Ad Council, United Way provides tools and activities for caregivers and kids do to together.

You can find help at, along with more information like downloadable tips and tools.

Get Kids Fit in Your Town - Consider Installing a Born Learning Trail

A Born Learning Trail provides young children with an opportunity to get active, have fun and boost language and literacy skills. The "trail" features age-appropriate, simple-to-construct activities that can be set up outdoors or in.

Want to install a Born Learning Trail in Your Community?

How to Start ...

  • Partner up. Strengthen or build partnerships with people in your community who want to help young children. Cast a wide net to include childcare providers, health agencies, local businesses, universities and others.
  • Generate support. The Born Learning Trail toolkit contains materials and instructions to create a trail with 10 interactive stations. Local businesses and volunteers can support this "do-able" project that directly benefits young kids and their families by donating money, materials and time.
  • Select a site: Consider safety, accessibility and maintenance in choosing the location. Born Learning Trails have been constructed at parks, on museum grounds, in malls and many other places.
  • Build and promote the trail. With advance prep, building the trail takes 10 or 12 volunteers about a half-day. After it's done, make sure it gets used by more toddlers in your community.

To learn more about how to construct the trail contact Middlesex United Way at (860) 346-8695.

Trail Locations in Middlesex County:

  • Clinton at Indian River Recreation Complex
  • Cromwell at Pierson Park
  • Durham at Brewster Elementary School
  • East Hampton at Seamster Park
  • Higganum at RSD 17's regional office building on Little City Road
  • Middletown at Snow Elementary School
  • Middletown at Macdonough School
  • Old Saybrook at Goodwin School
  • Portland on Freestone Avenue near the library
  • Westbrook at Daisy Ingraham Elementary School