Middlesex United Way: Middlesex Health cares deeply about the county

MIDDLETOWN — We are incredibly fortunate at Middlesex United Way to partner with many exceptional local businesses, nonprofits and other institutions, one of which is Middlesex Health.
In the past 15 years, Middlesex Hospital and its employees have contributed a total of more than $1.5 million to the Middlesex United Way, an incredible achievement.
These dollars are invested in programs that create measurable, positive impact in the areas of education, health, housing and financial stability right here in Middlesex County. The hospital and its employees truly understand the value of investing locally in improving our communities.
This year, Middlesex Health was faced with many challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Not only has it continued supporting the Middlesex United Way throughout the years, but the organization has also remained committed to Connecticut and its residents, especially during this pandemic.
From making sure their facilities are safe and clean for visitors and patients to providing masks for the community, and even putting together a virtual talent show to keep spirits high, they have displayed the importance of community, especially in these trying times.
With all of the uncertainty of what the rest of the year will look like for Middlesex Health and their employees, we were so grateful that they ran their annual campaign despite the extra challenges. Middlesex Health staff showed their resilience and compassion as they raised over $54,000 and counting on our behalf.
The generosity of Middlesex Health employees truly starts at the top. Vin Capece, president and CEO, acted quickly, sending out a letter to all employees asking for support for Middlesex United Way. From the coordinators and committee members to the many generous donors who support the community, they pulled together and ran an incredible campaign in the midst of this pandemic.
We value our outstanding relationship with employees. Vin Capece has served on our Board of Directors and he even served as Middlesex United Way’s campaign chair in 2013-14. Hospital employee Allison Dowe also serves on our board, and many other staff members are on committees or a part of the Young Leaders Society and Women’s Initiative.
Each year, Middlesex Health remains a top campaign for Middlesex United Way and continuously supports the Loaned Executive program, which allows us to employ an individual to assist with the annual campaign to help keep our overhead costs low.
We are proud to fund two programs run that support residents of our community. First, we provide funding for the perinatal program, which provides short-term case management for pregnant and postpartum women who require connection to medical, mental health, financial or support services.
We also provide funding for the early childhood education work being conducted through Opportunity Knocks, a community collaborative of more than 60 health, education and parent affiliates that is led by the hospital.
We thank you, Middlesex Health, for so many things, but especially thank you for caring so deeply about our community.
Kevin Wilhelm is president and CEO of Middlesex United Way in Middletown.